Purpose of a condenser for air conditioning

The purpose of a condenser for air conditioning Most probably you have once asked yourself, as I also have, “What is the purpose of the condenser for air conditioning.” We see those compartments outside many buildings in town, but some don’t exactly know their role in keeping the interiors warm. Since the manufacture of the first modern air conditioning system by Willis Haviland Carrier some 100 hundred years ago, the AC systems have found their way to houses, theatres, offices, stores, banking halls, hospitals, name it. Now people can stay at much comfort indoors during the hottest of seasons. These ACs normally consist of the fan, Condenser Coil, Evaporator Coil, Chemical, and Refrigerant.
The Condenser coil can be termed hot, while the evaporator coil can be termed cool. Let’s briefly dissect the condenser coil before you take a look at air conditioner condensers for sale.

Purpose of Condenser
The condenser is a most important part of the whole air conditioning process. First, the compressor, which is part of the indoor unit, discharges hot gas. This comes from the interior of the room. The condenser converts the hot gas to liquid form by cooling it. In other words, heat is taken from the hot gas and shifted to another medium, normally water or air.

The process involves chemical compounds known as refrigerants. These have a chemical property that enables them to change at quite a low temperature. The fans of the AC circulate warm air around coils that are filled with refrigerants. The refrigerants absorb the heat from the warm air and subsequently changes from liquid to gaseous state. The compressor again pressurizes the refrigerant and turns it back to liquid. This keeps the condenser constantly cooling the hot air that it receives from the inside of the room. The process goes on in a continuous cycle, and thus the room temperatures are kept at a continuous low.

Types of Condensers 
To further understand the purpose of the condenser, let’s look at some types of condensers.

The Air Cooled Condenser

These are normally seen in residential Air conditioning systems. They are located on the outside of buildings. They use the outdoor air to dissipate the heat coming from the interior. This is made possible through the fan blade, motor and condenser coils.

The Water Cooled Condensers

These basically dissipate heat to water. The water is contained within the condenser. This leads to a further division of types of air conditioners to:

– Shell and tube condenser

– Shell and coil condenser

– Tube in tube condenser

These three variations depend on how the runs through the coils to cool the hot air.

The shell and tube condenser consists of a large number of tubes inside a steel shell. Water flows inside the tubes and the air around the tubes. The vapor condenses on the outer surface of the tubes and drops to the bottom of the condenser.

The Shell and Coil Condenser comprises a copper coil inside a steel shell. It is a more economical type but requires regular maintenance.

For the shell and tube condenser, water flows inside the tubes and a refrigerant along the spaces between the tubes.

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